Hi boys and girls!

My name is Indica and yes, that’s how my parents actually called me 🙂 The catch is that they were hippies and, like the rest of the flower children, had their own peculiar vision of life. I also have a brother Sunshine and a sister Harmony, so I’m wasn’t alone in my sufferings as a kid 🙂 But you know what, I was raised in a happy, friendly family where everyone loved and supported each other. We weren’t limited in our choice of hobbies and plans. Other kids were constantly pressured by their folks who wanted them to become serious, successful people with lucrative jobs. We, on the other hand, ended up less socially prominent, less materially provided – and less stressed. Sunshine works at an animal shelter, Harmony lives in a yoga community and I sell handmade accessories at the street corner. And, despite having piles of money and a brilliant career, I’m pretty contended with what I’m doing. So you see, it’s a question of priorities 🙂 How about you? What do you consider to be most important in life?



No life without a bit of art

Bright colors, good mood 🙂

Hippies like colorful things. The more color the better 🙂 Some people prefer reserved palette in the way they dress or furnish their apartments. But I’m not used to minimalism 🙂 My home is a bright, cheerful place where there are no dark corners or gloomy spots. Every room is beautiful and unique. There are photos, paintings, laced dollies and embroidered quilts, handmade toys and fancy knickknacks, Feng Shui statuettes and souvenirs from different countries… What can I say, I love surrounding myself with beauty. I’m especially fascinated with paintings. Although I can’t paint myself, I enjoy watching how others do that and of course contemplating the result.

Me trying to be smart 🙂

Most of all, I like what my art-savvy friends call impressionism 🙂 I once asked a guy from the art college, what makes a painting impressionism? He said there are three main criteria:

  1. Focus on color and light.
  2. Untypical painting technique.
  3. The value of the moment.

It took me pretty long to get that last one. Finally, that same guy explained that classic artists strived to depict monumental scenes and were carefully selecting views for their landscapes. On the other hand, impressionists saw beauty in fleeting moments and looked for means to capture the ethereal play of light and colors on the canvas. They often leaned towards depictions of daily life, something painters like Levitan and Aivazovsky wouldn’t even bother sketching 🙂 Remember ‘Impression. Sunrise,’ that strange blurred vision of boats sailing in blue gray mist with an orange dot of the sun, the only bright spot in the picture, rising somewhere on the right? This is what impressionism started from 🙂

And even though it’s over a hundred years old, there are still artists working in the style of late impressionism, among them a wonderful painter Leonid Afremov. I found his pictures in the web and spent a good deal of time on his website flipping through pages. There are dozens of incredibly bright, inspiring canvases to choose from! I was enchanted by the vibrant palette and amazing painting manner. Large, flaky strokes of all possible colors applied densely side by side are somehow combined into one fascinating scenery even though there are no distinct outlines, just vague shapes that seem to float among drops of rain and scintillating reflections… It’s a mesmerizing sight! The man obviously has his own unique style – no wonder, after so many years of painting impressionism – like here, in this lovely park view. I’m now saving up to order it online. Meanwhile, I printed it out and hanged over my bed 🙂 What do you think?


Hippies of nowadays

Back in the 70’s, hippies were associated with reckless, jobless youth roaming from one festival to another, eating handfuls of drugs and throwing promiscuous parties. Like with any mass movement, that bias wasn’t completely ungrounded. Most hippies were simply messing up their lives. But there was also a philosophy behind all this. And that philosophy wasn’t bad. Free, peaceful way of life, no social stereotypes and constraints, tolerance and positive attitude towards people – isn’t that what we all strive for? And even though it was born out of acid fumes, that doesn’t mean we have to discard all the good that has been there. I was raised as a hippie and keep considering myself one even though I don’t wear flashy clothing or smoke marijuana. For me, being hippie is more of a state of the soul. The values I received from my parents help me take things easier and be happier. So I keep reading the books they read and listening to the music they   used to and remembering the words they said to us when were were kids. I’m even signed up for a Facebook hippie community https://www.facebook.com/HippieCommunity/ 🙂 You can join it too, there is a lot of great stuff to pick up here!